Firefly 6

Working with your own videos

Firefly provides a wide range of options for display video content on your page. 

Option 1: Clickview and Planet eStream

Clickview and Planet eStream are specifically designed to manage videos. They also integrate seamlessly with Firefly so that you can easily upload and manage videos that you have created.

Option 2: YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo can be used very effectively to manage video that you have created. Both of these services ensure that your video is served to the viewer's device in the most effective way.

You can upload your content from any device:

  • On Apple devices, you can upload your video straight to YouTube or Vimeo by selecting the link under the video.
  • On Android devices, you can upload your video straight to YouTube or Vimeo by using the Share button above the video.
  • On your computer, you can log in to your YouTube or Vimeo account and convert your video to a web friendly format. The URL can then be copied and pasted straight into your Firefly page.

With educational accounts, you can create privacy settings to ensure that your videos are not available in search or listed on sites but are only viewable to people that you share the page or link with. Please refer to the YouTube or Vimeo sites for more details.

Your video will automatically load in the correct format for viewing on the device you're using.

Option 3: Media Player

Insert short media clips and videos by using the media player. The best format for your video file is an MP4 h264 codec file.

There are various apps, programs or websites that will easily convert your video file into this format whether you're using a phone, tablet or desktop.