Embedding content

Take content from across the web and embed it on your page, including Prezi presentations, animations and videos.

  1. In a new tab, find the presentation you wish to add to the page. In this example, we will use Prezi but many other online resources offer an embed code that can be copied and embedded in your page in exactly the same way.

    For security reasons, the source website must be secure to be displayed in Firefly. Look for the green https:// in the address bar and a padlock icon.
  2. Select Embed underneath the presentation.
  3. Select Copy code to clipboard.
  4. Back in Firefly, select Embed in the editor toolbar.

    If your school uses a third party service (for example, ClickView), you can make a request to Firefly to support embedding from that particular third party service.

  5. Paste the HTML code into the box.

  6. Select Done. If the content you're embedding is not secure, a warning will appear and your content may not be displayed.

If your embed code is not displaying correctly, try finding an alternative embed code that uses an <iframe> tag. You can also ask an administrator to place the embed code into the page.

Due to security reasons, please contact your full site admin to embed any code containing custom-made forms using the '<form>' tag or containing javascript, such as a Twitter feed.

The content is added to your page. To view the presentation properly, select Publish or Done first.

BBC News, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, SlideShare, Instagram and many others will allow the HTML embed code to be copied and pasted in to your page.
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