Embedding content from Quizlet

Add flashcards and diagrams from Quizlet to your Firefly pages and tasks.

  1. In a new tab, sign up for Quizlet and select I am a teacher. To change an existing account to a teacher account, go to Your Account Name > Settings > Account  Type and select Teacher.
  2. Find the study set or diagram that you want to add to your page.

  3. Select Share under the title of the study set.
  4. Choose Share on Firefly.

    The Share on Firefly option is currently only available in the UK. Until it is available worldwide, you can embed a set by selecting the more (...) menu and choosing Embed.

  5. From the menu, choose a study mode for the content. 
  6. Choose Copy HTML
  7. Back in Firefly, paste the code directly into your page. You can also add Quizlet content to the description of a task to set it for homework. 
  8. Select Publish or Done.