Firefly 6


Add files to your page, then organise them in the most efficient order.

Adding files

Add files to your Firefly page to enable your students to access a wide range of resources such as Word, PowerPoint or PDF files.

Adding file lists

Add a list of files to your Firefly page, such as past papers for students to access and work through in their own time.

Reordering file lists

Change the display order of files in a list.

Adding Google Docs

Embed a Google Doc to give students wider access to resources and the ability to work collaboratively.

Viewing Office documents

There are several ways of viewing Microsoft Office documents that mean that as a teacher, you can be confident that you and your students can always access your resources.

Live editing Office documents

You can open any Microsoft Office document, make changes and save directly to a Firefly page. This makes it easy to store your documents on Firefly, access them from home, quickly edit and reuse your material.

Troubleshooting Office documents

If your Office document won't open for editing, here are some possible solutions.