Adding files from OneDrive

Embed files from OneDrive to give students wider access to resources and the ability to work collaboratively.

  1. In the editor toolbar, choose More... > OneDrive
  2. Log in to OneDrive. (Note: you will only need to log in to OneDrive the first time you use this feature)
  3. Browse your folders in OneDrive and find the document you would like to use. Once you have located the right document choose Done.

  4. If your OneDrive permissions do not allow documents to be embedded, you will be able to create a link to the document in OneDrive from your page.
  5. If your school has set permissions allowing OneDrive documents to be embedded, the document will be added to your Firefly page.

You can open the document in OneDrive for easier viewing and editing by clicking on the expand button in the bottom right hand corner.

You will only be able to edit the document if you have editing access in OneDrive, otherwise the document will open in Read Only view

Note: File types available are PowerPoint, Excel, Word and OneNote files

You can also add files to your page.