Firefly 6

Troubleshooting Office documents

If your Office document won't open for editing, here are some possible solutions.

SharePoint browser plugin isn't trusted

The first time you log in to Firefly, if you have Office installed on your (desktop) device, you will be presented with a popup box asking you to confirm that you would like to trust the SharePoint Browser Plug-in.  

This must be confirmed by choosing Trust. If you have chosen not to trust the plugin at some point then try the following:

  • Close and reopen your browser, log in to Firefly and this time choose Trust
  • Go to the plugin security settings for your browser and choose Trust against this plugin for your Firefly site address

No Firefly cloud user account

If you're using Office365 or Google as your default or preferred login method, then it's possible that you may not be using the type of credentials that the Office integration requires to work. When asked for credentials while opening an Office document, you need to use your Firefly Cloud account details rather than Office365 or Google credentials. You can easily set these up by following the Cloud user login instructions. This process only has to be done once and will not affect how you normally log in to Firefly.

Please contact  [email protected] for any further help you may need with this feature.