Firefly 6

Copying equations created in Word

Copy an equation created using the Equation Tool in Word and add it to your Firefly page.

You should be able to copy your equation and paste it directly into a Formula component without doing anything.

However, if this doesn't work properly and you get random characters instead please try the procedures below.

Word 2010 & Word 2011 (Windows & Mac)

  1. In Word's main menu, select Preferences.
  2. In the Authoring and Proofing Tools section, select Equations.
  3. Under When copying an equation, choose Copy MathML to the clipboard as plain text.
  4. Select the Design tab, then use the Equation Tool to create your formula.
  5. Copy your formula.
  6. Back in Firefly, in the editor toolbar select More... > Formula.
  7. Paste your formula.
  8. Select Done.