Firefly 6

Adding images via email

Easily add images to an existing gallery from any mobile device. Perfect for documenting a school trip on the go.

  1. Find or create a gallery containing at least one image. In this example, we'll be creating a gallery for the Photography Club's trip to London.
  2. On your mobile device, navigate to the same page and select Edit Page.
  3. Select the gallery, then choose the cog icon.
  4. Copy the email address under Select Files From Your Computer.

    Did you know you can add images directly from your camera roll? Choose Select Files From Your Computer, then select Photo Library.

  5. Email the image to that address. You must use the email account that is registered with Firefly. As a teacher, this means using your school email address rather than your personal one. If the upload was successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

    Save the email address in your contacts list so that you can easily access it later. For each gallery or visual blog, the email address will be different — so make sure to give it a recognisable name. In this example, something like London Trip 2016 would work well.

  6. Check your page:
    • If you updated a regular page, the image will have been added to the gallery.
    • If you updated a visual blog, the image will have been added to the gallery and appears on the front page (as long as there are no other images before the gallery on the blog post).
If you haven't already, why not try creating a visual blog ? They're great for sharing updates about clubs and activities.