Firefly 6

Doing more with images

Images can be used to create interesting layouts with captions and links to other pages on Firefly, any files or anywhere on the web.

If you haven't done so already, then start by adding images to your page.

Arranging images

Drag and drop your images into rows. They will automatically resize. You can also change their order or move them around the page. Remember to look out for the highlighted grey bar that shows you where the image will move to.

Aligning images

Select the image you want to align, then select the alignment icon and choose your preferred alignment. Images can be aligned on their own or wrapped around text.

Adding captions to images

Select the cog on any highlighted image and then type into the Caption text box. Choose Done to add the caption to your image. 

Select the cog on any highlighted image and select Link. Enter the URL you want to link to, then choose Done. You can also link to a file or page in Firefly.

Did you know you can also add a gallery to your page?