Firefly 6

Adding text links

  1. Select your text, then choose the link icon in the editor toolbar.

    If you add a link without selecting text first, the website, email address, filename or Firefly page name will be displayed instead.
  2. Choose what to link to.
    • For an external website or email, type or paste the address. You don't need to include http://, www, or mail:to
    • For a file, select the File tab.
      • Select a file that is already on Firefly.
      • Choose Select Files From Your Computer, then choose file you want and select Open.
      • Drag and drop a file into the Add Link window. 
    • For another Firefly page, select the Page tab. Choose the page you'd like to link to from the site menu. You can expand and collapse the menu list by selecting the arrows.
  3. OPTIONAL Select Open link in a new window if you want the link to open in a new browser tab.
  4. Select Done.

The link is added to your page. You can edit the link title just as if it was any other piece of text. Any links on the page are disabled until you select Done or Publish.

Did you know you also create image links?