Firefly 6

Styling your navigation

Once you've created your navigation, there are a variety of ways you can style the buttons to make them look the way you want.

If you change your mind about the styling options you can go back at any point and try something different.

Option 1. Choose a style - Images

Select Upload Image

You can then add images in the following ways:
  • by selecting an image that is already on Firefly
  • by using Select Files From Your Computer to browse your device for the image you want
  • by dragging and dropping an image into the box

Firefly will automatically resize and crop images to fit correctly. If it’s important that the focus of the image remains in the centre, then you will need to edit your image so it has the same aspect ratio that Firefly uses (3:2).

Option 2. Choose a style - Patterns

Once you've picked a pattern, select Next. You can edit the links on the next screen, then select Done. Colours will automatically be chosen to match the look and feel of your site.

Option 3. Choose a style - Icons

Choose  Select Icon and select an icon from the next screen. Choose  Select to save.