Firefly 6

About news feeds & categories

Firefly supports automatic news management. These management features are based around two core concepts: news categories and news feeds.

A news category is a way of categorising news stories (in the form of Firefly pages) that relate to each other. For example, the football team might set up a football team news category which contains news stories related to football.

A news feed is a type of content that you can add to any Firefly page and which displays the content of a news category in a variety of customisable ways.

Once you have set up a news feed component to summarise a news category, it will always display the latest stories (up to the number you define). Whenever a story is added to a particular news category, it will immediately appear on all news feed components summarising that news category across Firefly. This allows you to place news feed components that summarise the same news category on multiple page, with no extra effort in keeping them up to date.