Creating news categories

Create a news category to organise your internal news stories with.

  1. Go to the section you want your news category to belong to.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. In the Structure tab, select Create news category.
  4. Enter a name in the Title box.
  5. OPTIONAL Change the visibility settings:
    • Summarise group: the users allowed to add a summary of this category to a page (or several pages). Inherit means that the group(s) is/are the same as the parent section's Write group(s).
    • Post group: the users allowed to add stories to this news category. Inherit means that the group(s) is/are the same as defined for the parent group.
  6. Select Create News Category.
  7. Open the page you want to display your news category on.
  8. Select Edit, then in the editor toolbar choose More... > News Feed.
  9. Choose News stories from this site, then select the category from the drop-down. You can also customise the display style, number of items to display and information shown.
  10. To save your changes, select Done.

The news feed is added to your page and will be automatically updated whenever a news story is added to that news category.

Once you've set up your news category, you're ready to create and add news stories to it.