SCORM content

If you have materials from publishers that are SCORM compliant, you can add them to your Firefly page.

Firefly only supports SCORM 1.2 content.
  1. Navigate to the page where you'd like to add your SCORM content.
  2. Select Edit Page.
  3. Open Windows Explorer, then locate your page in the mapped network drive.
  4. Locate your SCORM content. It will appear as a folder on your computer. If it's a .zip file, double-click the file so that it displays as a folder. 
  5. Move the SCORM folder into the Firefly folder which corresponds to your page.
  6. Back in Firefly, select More... from the editor toolbar and choose SCORM Browser.
  7. Select the arrow in the Folder box to open the drop-down menu.
  8. Choose your SCORM folder from the page menu.
  9. Select Done.

Your SCORM is now be added to your page. Select Publish or Done in the top right of your page to view the content.

SCORM not loading?

  • It might be that your SCORM content is out of date. Firefly only supports SCORM 1.2 content. Try updating your content.
  • It might be that you have selected the wrong folder. To add SCORM, your folder needs to contain a file called imsmanifest.xml. If it doesn't, open folders within the first folder you tried until you find the imsmanifest.xml file. This is the folder you need to add.