Create a table, add your data and choose how to display it.

  1. In the editor toolbar, select More... > Table.
  2. Enter your data in the cells.

  3. OPTIONAL Style the table. Select the styles drop-down, then choose your options.
  4. OPTIONAL Format your data. Choose from the options in the toolbar to make your text bold or italic, add a link or change the alignment. 
  5. OPTIONAL Split or merge cells. Select the cell format drop-down, then choose your option.
  6. To add the table to the page, select Done.

The table is added to the page. You can always edit it again later by selecting it, then choosing the cog icon.

Use the plus and minus signs to the left and top of the table to add or remove a row or column.

If your data is already in an Excel spreadsheet, why not used structured data to display it on your page?