Working with pages

Manage your pages and track Firefly usage.

Publishing & saving as draft

Work on your page as a draft until you're ready to publish.

Setting content permissions

Restrict the visibility of content on a page to specific users or groups.

Setting page permissions

Decide who can see, edit, and comment on your pages.

Changing page template

Change from one blank template to another.

Moving pages

Move a page to a new location in the menu.

Copying pages

Create a copy of an existing page that you can then edit for another use.

Deleting pages

Delete any unwanted pages from Firefly.

Restoring deleted pages

Restore any deleted page from Firefly.

Importing & exporting pages

Move individual pages, groups of pages or sections within a Firefly installation or from one Firefly installation to another.

Viewing page history

If you've made a mistake or want to see an older version of your page, you can revert to a previous save.

Checking page visits

Check whether or not a page has been viewed by a specific person, group or class.

More page options

Add images and abstracts to pages that will be displayed in navigation or news feeds.

Troubleshooting pages

If you're having any trouble with a page, follow these simple steps.