More page options

Add images and abstracts to pages that will be displayed in navigation or news feeds.

  1. Select Edit Page.
  2. Select the arrow next to Publish or Done and choose More page options.
  3. Select Add a summary, then type your text. The summary will appear in the news story on the news feed for that page.
  4. Select Add an image. Choose Browse below the image button. Select a file from your computer, choose Open then Add image. The image will be added to your blog post or to your navigation link.
  5. Change the page title for navigation. You can choose to display a different title for your page in the menu, for example if your page's title is quite long. Select the Navigation tab, then choose Add a title for navigation and type in your text. 
  6. Check Hide sub pages from navigation to hide all sub-pages for that page.

    The sub-pages of your page will be hidden in the menu for anyone who just has read access to the page. For example, students will not be able to see those pages in the menu, but can access the pages via a link. As the author of the page, hidden pages will still be visible to you in the menu.
  7. Add a redirect URL. You can make a Firefly page redirect to another Firefly page or any external website. This can be used to provide your students with easy access to external sites directly from the navigation. Select Redirect to URL, then type in the URL you want to redirect to.

    Users with read access will be taken straight to that URL when they access the page. As the author of the page, you will still be able to edit or delete the link at any time.
  8. Select Change Page to save your changes.

If you chose to redirect to URL, you're taken to that page upon saving. Otherwise, you're taken back to the edit page mode and should select Done or Publish to view your changes properly.