Messaging teachers or parents

Send a message to a student's parents, teacher, or tutor. You can also contact all of a teacher's sets.

You can send messages to any user from the dashboard, but if you want to find out who to message, profiles are a great way to find out.

The following groups can be messaged:

  • A student's parents/guardians (available when your school has the Parent Portal)
  • A student's teachers
  • A student's tutor
  • A teacher's sets
  1. Navigate to a user's profile page.

    You can navigate to a profile page using the search bar or by browsing profiles.

  2. Select the arrow next to Send Message.
  3. Choose the group you'd like to message. You can remove or add people to the message later if need be.
  4. Enter your text.
  5. OPTIONAL Customise the way you message is sent. The defaults are shown below.
  6. Select Send Message.

You can also send messages to individuals or groups directly from the dashboard.