Personal pages

Every user can create their own personal pages, which they can choose to make public or keep private.

Where can I find them?

As a teacher, you can find your personal pages by selecting the arrow next to your name and choosing Profile pages from your drop-down. Students will find theirs directly in the main Firefly navigation.

You can access someone else's personal section (permissions-permitting) from their profile page.

Personal pages need to be enabled by a site administrator.

Why use them?

For teachers:

  • experiment with building different Firefly pages.
  • write and store pages not directly relevant to students.
  • keep notes on day to day activities for personal reference.

For students:

  • keep a personal blog, like a diary, to make continuous self-assessment simple. 
  • write and store portfolio work, keeping it all in one easy-to-access place. Teachers can comment on this, if necessary. 

    Personal blogs guided by teachers are a great way to get even the youngest students creating and is a powerful showcase for parents.

For administrators:

  • document information about Firefly use as it evolves.
  • write and store information only relevant to administrators.

How do I make them public?

You can choose to make a personal section public. Administrators decide what "public" means, for example form tutors could see their tutees' sections or teachers can always see their students' pages.