Profile pages

Use profile pages to get a quick summary of useful information about a person or group.

You can see your own profile by selecting your name in the top right, then choosing Your Profile from the drop-down. You can also browse other people's profiles either by selecting a class from your timetable or by typing a user's name in the search box. You'll only be able to view profiles that you have permission to access.

As standard, a profile page will display the following sections:

  • Key Facts
  • Blog
  • Posts, Comments & Edits
  • Tasks and Marked Work
  • Timetable

For example, Sally's Student profile looks like this:

For a full list of possible sections, please see the table below.

Section nameInformation displayed
Key FactsKey facts about the student, such as their teachers and the groups they belong to. You can set tasks and send messages to the user from here.
BlogsLatest updates the user has made to their personal blog.
AttendanceAttendance information since August 1st and attendance information for the current week. To view all their attendance information, select See more attendance information.
BehaviourBehaviour data since August 1st, behaviour data for the current week, and behaviour data for last week. To view all their behaviour data, select See more behaviour data.
ReportsReports for the current academic year. To view all their reports, select See More Reports.
Outstanding tasksTasks that are overdue. These are split into tasks you've set and tasks others have set. To view all their tasks, including those that aren't overdue, select View All Tasks.
Marks & FeedbackLatest marks and feedback the student has received from you. To view all their marks and feedback, including those given by others, select View all marks & feedback.
Posts, Comments & EditsLatest posts, comments or edits made by the user. To view all of them, select View All Posts, Comments & Edits.
TimetableThe user's personal timetable. You can select a lesson to view the class profile, which shows outstanding tasks for the class as well as the posts, comments and edits they are making around the school's Firefly.
More informationLinks to a user's personal section and any personal blogs or pages they have created.

Each school can customise the information displayed on students' profiles and set permissions so that different users see different things. As a result, parents will likely see a lot less information than you do.

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