Marking tasks

Mark the work submitted by your students.

When students submit their work, you can first respond to them to give them feedback and help them succeed. When you're ready, you can give then marks, grades or final feedback.

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Tasks.
  2. Choose a task.
  3. Choose the student whose work you want to mark.
  4. Select View File to open their work and review it or select Download File to open it in another program.
  5. To mark them, select Add Mark, Grade or Feedback.
  6. The assessment option you selected when creating the task is automatically populated. Enter a mark. You can either enter a whole number or a half mark. 
  7. OPTIONAL  Add some feedback.
  8. When you've finished, select Save Mark.
    Your mark is added to the task history. The percentage equivalent is displayed for easier comparison between tasks.

    Depending on which option you chose for sending feedback and marks, this won't be visible to the student yet. In the example below, you can see it's set to Ready to Send. I would need to select Send Responses to 5 Students for the student to see it.

    You can delete files added to a task by selecting the three dots next to the file name, then choosing Delete.