Responding to students

Provide your students with feedback so they can improve their work, then ask them to resubmit it.

  1. In the main navigation, select Tasks.  
  2. Choose a task.

  3. Choose a student.

    You can also select All Students if you'd like to send a file or comment to everyone who was set that task.

  4. Decide how to respond:
    • To let students know that you have seen their work and regard it as finished, select Confirm as Completed.
    • To make the task as incomplete or to request additional work from your student, select Revert to To Do.
    • To add a mark and/or grade to a student's task, select Add Mark/Grade then choose Add MarkAdd GradeAdd Mark and Grade or Add Feedback.
    • To request for your student to resubmit their work, choose Request Resubmission.
    • To excuse a student from their task, select Confirm Student is Excused.
    • To add written feedback, select More then choose Add Comment.
    • To add an attachment like a voice note, a word document, a pdf, or other kinds of files, select More then choose Add File.  
    In this example, we'll be sending a file.

  5. Select Attach File, then choose Attach File from Computer.
  6. Choose your file, then select Save file.

    Your file is added and ready to send.
  7. If you'd like this student to receive the file right away, select Send Response to 1 Student. Otherwise, you can wait until you've responded to other students before sending. 

    When there are no responses to send, the option to send will be inactive.

The task history is updated. If you decided to send your response, the student receives a notification.

You can delete files added to a task by selecting the three dots next to the file name, then choosing Delete.