Setting tasks

Set homework or in-class tasks in one go for any student, group or class. 

Required fields

You can quickly set a simple task using a few required fields.

  1. In the user bar, select Set a New Task.

  2. Start typing the name of the student or group you want to set the task to, then choose the relevant result from the drop-down. You can also choose from your lists of classes and students.

    To quickly set a task to just a few students in a class, select a class and click + next to its name. This will display all of the students in that class. You can then remove a student by selecting X.

  3. Enter the name of a colleague in the Co-Owner to share the task with them. This might be another teacher, a cover teacher or a head of department. 

  4. Scroll to the Details section and give your task a title. You can add a description later, so keep it short and simple.

  5. Select the calendar picker, then choose a due date. By default, the start date is set to today but you can also change that if you'd like.

    If you didn't have a chance to set a task on an earlier date, you can easily set the Start Date to be in the past.

    By default, the task is visible in the markbook and parent portal. Choose whether or not to make them visible by ticking the box. 

  6. In the Assessment section, select whether students are required to submit a file before marking a task as complete.

  7. Decide how you will assess the task. Select mark, grade, mark and grade, feedback only or no assessment. If you chose mark, select what the mark should be out of if you want. You can edit this field later.

    You can also add success criteria for a task.

  8. Review your task then select Set Task.

    You can always scroll back up to make any edits to your task.

  9. A confirmation message is displayed on-screen.


  10. The task will appear on your dashboard and on the Tasks screen. If the start date is set to today, your students will receive a notification right away.

     If you want to add a description, questions, or attachments, use the optional fields.

Optional fields

For more complex tasks, you can add a description or attachment that your students can refer to.

  1.  Scroll to the Description section and add a description by typing in some text or copying and pasting it from another document. 

    You can format your text and add all kinds of resources just like you would on a Firefly page

  2.  Scroll to the Attachments section and add attachments:
    • To attach a file such as a worksheet or PowerPoint file, select Attach File from Computer then choose a location from the drop-down. Select the file and choose Open or Choose. You can attach as many files as you want.
    • To attach a Firefly page, choose Attach Existing Page. Find the page and choose Attach

      If you attach an assignment page to a task, responses from students on that assignment page are not recorded in your markbook. If you want to see student responses in the markbook, use the Copy Page to Task Description option on the assignment instead of attaching it.

What's next?

Did you know you can also set a task on the go with the Firefly for Teachers app?

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