Setting tasks using success criteria

Use success criteria to help your students understand how an assignment will be marked.

You can use a set of criteria to mark students' assignments to make sure the grading mechanisms are clear to students. You might use success criteria for as a writing guide, to help students see how their marks are determined. 

  1. While setting a task, select Add Success Criteria in the How will you assess this task? section.
  2. Choose how you will mark the criteria You can select Mark, Grade or Feedback Only. Each of these options apply to the success criteria. This field doesn't indicate the overall assessment option that is displayed in the markbook. 
  3. Add a title for the success criteria.
  4. Fill in the success criteria descriptors and add a Mark out of for each one. Note that the mark for each criterion isn't cumulative. The values for the criterion do not change the overall mark or grade for the task. 
  5. Select Add Criterion to create a new criterion for the assignment. 
  6. Select Add Level to create descriptions of the different levels of achievement possible for your students.

  7. Name the levels and add descriptions.
  8. Select Set Task

    You can't edit success criteria after a task is set, so make sure you're satisfied with the criteria before choosing Set Task.

  9. Choose View Task to see the task. The success criteria you selected appear on the Task Overview tab.