Reviewing & marking work

Review your students' work, then give them a mark.

  1. In the Class Notebook tab, select Review Student Work.
  2. Choose the type of work from the drop-down. In this example, we're choosing Homework.
  3. Tick the Enter grades box.
  4. Select the assignment to display a list of the students who completed it.
  5. Choose a student. Their assignment is displayed on the left.
  6. Enter a mark next to the student's name.
  7. When you've finished marking the work, select Submit.

Your marks are saved in OneNote and automatically synced with your Firefly markbook. 

You can also mark OneNote assignments directly in Firefly. However, OneNote only supports marks out of 100 and won't convert marks out of any other value. If you give a student 12/20 in Firefly, this will display as 12/100 in OneNote. We strongly recommend marking OneNote assignments exclusively in OneNote because of this limitation.