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Keep track of Firefly's new features and changes.

09 October 2018

The light bulb has a new design! Now when you get a new message, a notification appears and tells you the number of unread messages you have, so you never miss an update from Firefly. 

14 August 2018

We've added an extra layer of security to logging into Firefly. When you fail to log in five times in a row or request your password five times in a row, you now need to complete a reCAPTCHA before attempting to log in again. 

20 June 2018

In this version, we added two new features for when you set tasks: adding a co-owner to the task and adding levels to your success criteria. You can learn more about these features and see them in action by watching this short video. 

Adding co-owners to tasks

When setting a task, you can add a co-owner to the task. When you share a class, you can now share the load of the marking and grading of your assignments. If you know you'll be out of the class room and need cover, you can also share your task with your cover teacher so they can see your assignments. Adding a co-owner to a task makes it easier for you to collaborate with your colleagues and work across your department. When you make another teacher a co-owner, they can edit, copy and mark a task in the same way you would. Co-owners can't delete or archive tasks. 

Adding levels to success criteria 

When creating success criteria for a task, you can now add levels to the criteria. These levels can help you clarify different types of achievement and guide students when they complete their assignments. When marking, you can select the appropriate level for each criterion to measure the student's level of achievement. 

Other changes

We also made several small changes to help Firefly work well for you, including the following:

  • To prevent confusion, you can no longer set the 'Mark Out Of' field to zero (0) when setting a task
  • When setting a task, the tick box that determines if a task is shown on the Parent Portal or in the markbook will reflect what you selected for the last task they set on that computer or device. 

18 May 2018

Firefly has increased account security by requiring you to choose a stronger password when it is set for the first time and any time it is reset.

14 March 2018

You can now choose how to assess success criteria for a task separately from how the overall task is assessed by selecting Add Success Criteria.

19 Feb 2018

This version comes with two major changes: you can now add success criteria to tasks, and we've improved the task listing page to make it easier to keep track of your assignments.

Adding success criteria

Use success criteria to help your students understand how an assignment will be marked. For every assignment, you can add a simple set of success criteria, where you can define the different measures by which an assignment will be assessed. For more information, watch the following video.

Organising your tasks with improved filters

We've also made several changes to the way your tasks are listed. In this version, we've added the following abilities:

  • You can delete multiple tasks at the same time.
  • You can see the number of unread student responses for each task on the task list. 
  • You can filter your task list by their publication status, including Draft, Set and All

Other changes

 We also made several small changes to help Firefly work well for you, including the following:

  • You can now leave the Mark out of blank when setting a task.
  • You can now edit the Mark out of at any time from the Set taskEdit task or Task responses screens.


25 Jan 2018

In this version, we changed the look and feel of your list of tasks to help you be more efficient when managing your tasks.

Managing tasks

We've made the following changes to help you keep on top of your task list:

  • You can now bulk archive their tasks using the due date.

  • You can now archive multiple individually selected tasks at the same time using tick boxes.
  • In your task list, archived tasks now have the word [Archive] at the beginning of the title.
  • You can sort the task list by due date ascending, due date descending, set date ascending and set date descending. Your most recent sorting selection is remembered when you leaves the task list page.
  • You can filter their tasks list by when they are due, including today, tomorrow, in the next 7 days and in the next 14 days.

Check out these features in action.

Other changes

We also made the following updates:

  • Emails sent from Firefly have a fresh look. 
  • When you set a task, the last assessment type you used is selected automatically.