What's new for teachers

Keep track of Firefly's new features and changes.

15 August 2019

To help you adapt the learning journey, we've added a new customisation option in the markbook. You can now sort the list of students by first or surname, in either alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.


17 July 2019

The markbook has a fresh, new look. It's now easier for you to distinguish highlighted tasks and to scroll quickly through all of your tasks. Among other visual changes, we’ve made the markbook more compact, easier to read and faster to load. More importantly, we are moving the existing markbook onto a new foundation that will allow us to make further feature additions in the months ahead. 

24 April 2019

To help you create formulae, we've added subscript and superscript options to the editor toolbar. You can now use these options when editing a resource page or task. 

09 April 2019

To make it easier to respond to tasks, we've made the Request Resubmission, Confirm Student is Excused, Add Comment and Add File options more visible. If you are using a larger screen, these options now appear on the Task Responses tab. If you are using a smaller screen, these options remain in the More menu.

27 March 2019

Help your students keep track of their assigned readings by adding their textbooks directly to a resource page or a task with Firefly's new integration with Classoos. If you have a subscription to Classoos, you can add your textbooks for your class. If you don't have an integration, you can use the free 14 day trial for any book to offer different options to your students.

We've also changed two areas of Firefly to help you with marking and grading. When you open a task, you now go straight to the Task Responses tab so you can respond to student responses more quickly.

When you create a completed task from the Markbook, a new button takes you straight to the tasks so you can start filling out marks and grades. 

31 January 2019

When you select See all Marks and Feedback on a student's profile, you now see an improved list of your student's marks and feedback. Instead of archiving a mark, you can now mark it as Starred or Unstarred. This change helps you organise your feedback into a collated list, so you can pull it up to view specific marks or feedback for parents' evening or to review with a student.