Firefly 6

Configuring staff & parent names

Display salutation, first initial and last name for parents and staff rather than the default full name.

Staff and parents names can be configured to be displayed as:

<Title><First initial><Surname> 

e.g. Mr A Smith, Miss A Smith etc.

This is usually set up with the Firefly Cloud Uploader installation, however you can also configure this at a later date. The settings for this are configured on the school's server where the Cloud Uploader is hosted — usually where the MIS' SQL database is installed.  

  1. Find and open SQLKeyring.config in Notepad or similar (typically found in Fireflyclouduploader/Plugins/sqlkeyringpluginfolder).
  2. Add the following line(s) between <variables> and </variables> (if they don't exist, add them between <database> and </database>):
    • For teachers:

      <variable name="login_staff_dispname">Title</variable> 
    • For parents (if you have the Firefly Parent Portal): 

      <variable name="login_parents_dispname">Title</variable> 

This change will be visible after the Cloud Uploader runs overnight.