Firefly 6

Integrating with Office 365

If your school uses Office 365, you can configure your settings in order to allow SSO and enable OneDrive integration.

Configuring SSO

  1. As an Office 365 administrator, approve Office 365 at a school level by following this link
  2. On your Firefly site, go to Control Panel > Modify site.
  3. Select Authentication tab, then tick the Allow logins via Office 365 for each site you wish to enable SSO on.
  4. Select Modify Site to save your changes.

Configuring OneDrive

To enable OneDrive integration for your school, you must be an administrator for the school's Office 365 system and follow this link

Submitting work through OneDrive

When submitting work, students will see a Choose from OneDrive button next to Choose from Google Docs.

Screenshot of the file upload options

Once selected, students will be able to browse through all their OneDrive documents and select which one(s) to upload.

Screenshot of One Drive