Firefly 6

Exchange calendar

Firefly has built-in functionality for Exchange calendars, however, every school which makes use of this is currently hosted locally.

The majority of our cloud hosted schools opt to go for similarly cloud hosted calendars from providers such as Google or Office 365. Schools with Office 365 calendars seem particularly satisfied so this is what we would ultimately recommend.

If you're able to make the Exchange calendar available externally, it should be possible to insert it in Firefly. However, this is un-tested and we cannot guarantee we can get it to work for you.

There are two different ways to insert Exchange calendars into Firefly:

  • by using the Public Folder functionality in Exchange - this will then require the Support team to update a Firefly config file for you. You will need to provide them the calendar name, username and password in the following format: calendarname:username:password.
  • by using an iCal feed as explained here