Maintenance & procedures

Ensure your Firefly Cloud Uploader is up to date and perform maintenance tasks.

Instructions for the Cloud Uploader

Check your Cloud Uploader version and upgrade to the latest version.

Setting up new users

To ensure that new users are set up, the MIS information needs to be entered correctly and the Firefly Cloud Uploader needs to be running without error.

Moving your MIS database to a different SQL server

If you're moving your MIS database to a different instance of SQL Server on a different machine or virtual machine, you'll need to create a new SQL user for the instance you've migrated to.

Bulk adding Firefly usernames using a CSV file

Use a CSV file to quickly and easily add Firefly usernames in bulk.

Creating multiple sites

All Firefly schools are entitled to have multiple sites — at no extra cost. Find out how this works and how to set a new site up.

Setting up the staff User Defined Field (UDF) filter in SIMS

Set up the variable which will be used to filter down to those staff you wish to upload into Firefly.

Using SIMS custom groups

Use custom groups in your user defined groups from SIMS using the API integration