Firefly 6

Moving your MIS database to a different SQL server

If you're moving your MIS database to a different instance of SQL Server on a different machine or virtual machine, you'll need to create a new SQL user for the instance you've migrated to.

Firefly will not pull through your MIS classes, sets, forms and timetables otherwise.
  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Select Security, then right-click on Logins and choose New Login.

    Remember to call it something other than the original User ID. Use a name that can be easily associated with Firefly, e.g. FireflyRead.
  3. Create a new password (without any special characters). You can use this site to create a strong password.
  4. Untick Enforce password policy.
  5. Select User Mapping from the left menu, then choose the correct database.
  6. Tick db_datareader under Database role membership. The user will only be used to query your MIS database so it won't need any write roles.
  7. Select OK to confirm.
  8. Check that your changes are displayed in the Logins subsection of SQL server and under Security > Users
  9. Find and open SQLKeyring.config in Notepad or similar. You will find in the Cloud Uploader folder (FireflyCloudUploader\Plugins\SQLKeyringPlugin on the MIS server).
  10. Edit the connection string to reflect this new user's ID and password. You'll also need to change the server part to match the new server machine's name.