Firefly 6

Setting up the staff User Defined Field (UDF) filter in SIMS

Set up the variable which will be used to filter down to those staff you wish to upload into Firefly.

Updating your Cloud Uploader

To set up the staff UDF filter you must first have the most up-to-date version of the Firefly Cloud Uploader. Please follow the standard procedure for updating your Cloud Uploader:

Setting up the staff UDF field in SIMS

You may already have set up a UDF field in SIMS for your employees in which case you can skip these steps:

  1. Log in to SIMS with an administrator account.
  2. From the menu bar, open Tools > Setups > User Defined Fields.
  3. Select New and then fill in the fields as shown below in the screenshot.
  • The Description field is used to name the UDF field and does not need to be the same as the screenshot below. This is the name we will use when altering the Cloud Uploader config files.
  • This new True/False checkbox will feature on all employee pages. If it is unticked, the user will not be uploaded to Firefly once when the Cloud Uploader runs.

Setting up the UDF filter in the Cloud Uploader

  1. Open the SQLKeyring.config file which can be found in Plugins\SQLKeyringPlugin (Notepad or similar is recommended, for ease of editing).
  2. You should already have some variables set within. If so, add a line beneath these and include the following text: 

    <variable name='is_staff_udf'>Firefly Staff</variable>
  3. Replace Firefly Staff with whatever you enter in the Description field when setting up the UDF in SIMS.
  4. Save your changes to SQLKeyring.config.

When the Cloud Uploader is next run, you should find that those employees without the aforementioned field set to True are not be uploaded to Firefly. It is therefore important to ensure that all staff who require access to Firefly have this field set correctly.

Further steps (if needed)

In some cases, the above steps might not suffice for the filter to work properly, in which case we suggest attempting the following:

  • Set the staff/parent home e-mail address in SIMS to Primary and enter a fictional work email address as the Main entry.