Firefly 6

Firefly cloud uploader

The Firefly cloud uploader is the part of Firefly that, running with your MIS, ensures that Firefly has the latest, up to date school information.


The Firefly cloud uploader is generally run on the same server that hosts your MIS database.It is set to run over night so that Firefly always holds the latest information. It's worth noting that if you perform a lot of MIS changes that you would like to be updated immediately, you can run the cloud uploader manually at any time.

Setting up & maintenance

Our support team are on hand to help you set up the Firefly cloud uploader. Once set up, there is very little maintenance as it auto updates whenever there is a new version.

Recommended specification

The Firefly cloud uploader requires very little in terms of resources but in order for it to run optimally, please ensure your server has . NET Framework 4.6 or higher and the cloud uploader has unauthenticated Internet Access (the ability to reach your Firefly site on ports 80 and 443, i.e., HTTP and HTTPS).