Firefly 6

Setting up the cloud uploader for cloud hosted SIMS

If your locally hosted SIMS is being migrated to a cloud-hosted service, a couple of changes need to be made to your Firefly cloud uploader to make it work correctly.

An account will need to be created by your SIMS Administrator to allow Firefly access to read the correct data.

It is a good idea to keep a simple name, for example, FireflyUser.

The information provided by Capita indicates the user requires permissions as below:

This should allow the relevant data to be read by the cloud uploader.

Locating the cloud uploader folder

Your cloud uploader folder (Fireflyclouduploader) should be generally on the root of the C: or D: drive of your Connector server (it may be on a different drive, if a request was made at the time of the setup of the cloud uploader – please contact the Support if you are unable to locate this folder).

  1. Within the folder are several files, and a couple of sub-folders. Select the sub-folder called Plugins.
  2. Within the Plugins folder, there are a few folders; look for the folders SQLKeyringPlugin and APIKeyring.
  3. In the SQLKeyringPlugin folder is a file called sqlkeyring.config – this is currently the main connection file between your local SIMS and the cloud uploader.  

Making changes to your cloud uploader

  1. For now, rename the SQLKeyringPlugin folder to SQLKeyringPlugin-Backup, as you will need to add in the new file in the APIKeyring folder and configure it, as that will become the main connection file.
  2. Copy the apikeyring.config file (available here) into the APIKeyring folder and open it up in a simple text editor like Notepad.
  3. The only changes you will need to make are to enter the username and password you created for SIMS and fill in/update fields like the email address that is being used for Staff and Students.

You can get certain information from the sqlkeyring.config file in the SQLKeyringPlugin folder mentioned earlier. The file will show the variables and an explanation of each variable.

At this stage, if you have any questions, please contact the Support team.