Firefly 6

Setting up the Parent Portal for SIMS

To activate the Parent Portal, you need to configure files on the server where you run the Firefly Cloud Uploader (often the MIS server itself).

  1. Back up sqlkeyring.config.
    You should find it under C:\FireflyCloudUploader\Plugins\SQLKeyringPlugin\
  2. Open sqlkeyring.config in Notepad or similar.
  3. Under </variables>, add a new line and paste the following:

    <include file="includes\sims-pp-mis.config"/>
    <include file="includes\sims-parents-of-groups-mis.config"/>

    Your file should now look like this:

  4. Save and close sqlkeyring.config.
  5. Open FireflyCloudUploaderCFG.config in Notepad or similar. You'll find it in the Firefly Cloud Uploader folder.
  6. Above </config>, add a new line and paste the following:

    <ppAttendanceConfigName>Attendance Name</ppAttendanceConfigName>

    Your file should now look like this:

    You'll need to replace Attendance Name with either SIMS-lesson (lesson by lesson attendance) or SIMS-session (AM and PM session attendance).

  7. Save and close FireflyCloudUploaderCFG.config.

Your changes will be visible tomorrow.

Only the last two weeks of attendance will be pulled through. If you want to upload the full attendance history, please navigate to the Firefly Cloud Uploader folder then hold Shift + right-click and select  Open the command window here. Run  fireflyclouduploader.exe attendanceAll (this is case-sensitive) which will initiate the manual upload for historical attendance data.