Firefly 6

Access to the site

If you're having trouble accessing your Firefly site, here are some simple things to check.

Firefly permissions stop user(s) from gaining access to the dashboard

Firefly comes with one default dashboard but it's possible to set up different dashboards for different groups of users, e.g. one each for students, parents & teachers. 

Like pages within Firefly, dashboards require permissions to be set up correctly for end users to gain access. Our documentation specifically outlines this process here.

If your school uses an AUP (acceptable use policy) upon login, you may want to check whether the persons or groups unable to access the dashboard have been added to the permissions list for the AUP page.

Proxy servers of firewalls interfering with traffic

Sometime proxies can block Firefly traffic preventing optimal performance. If your school is using a proxy, then you'll need to add Firefly ( to the bypass proxy list.

Still not working?

If you've tried all of the possible fixes above and your site is still not working, then please get in touch with the Firefly Support team as soon as possible and they'll be happy to assist you in getting your site back up and running.