Firefly 6

A page seems to be broken

Examples of strange behaviour could be no Edit button showing, no top bar showing, or redirecting to another page with no chance to edit the page.

Why is this happening?

Sometimes content that has been copied from another web page onto a Firefly page has code interfering with Firefly code.

How can I fix it?

The only way to address this is to revert to a previous version of the page. As you often can't get to the history button with these strange behaviours, you will need to go to the history selector without visiting the current page version.

  1. Type ?version=on at the end of the URL you're concerned with. 
  2. Choose the previous version from the drop-down, then select Edit this version.
  3. Firefly will first go to the published version of the page before going to the editor. As the published version is still broken, going into the editor may fail. To navigate straight to the edit mode of this page, type ?editor=yes after the URL then select Done.

If something isn't showing up, it may be an issue with embedded content.