Firefly 6

Office documents displaying incorrectly or not at all

Firefly will automatically display Office documents in a Microsoft web viewer. As Firefly needs to connect to Microsoft for this feature to work, make sure that any firewall or proxy is not blocking requests to external servers.

  1. Check that the document you are trying to display is no larger than 10MB. This limit is set by Microsoft. 
  2. Check that the document itself loads properly by selecting the document link in the bottom grey bar and ensuring that the document downloads and opens fully as expected. 

    If not, this may indicate a deeper issue with the resource itself, rather than an issue with the Office document viewer. 
  3. Try dragging another Office document into the page. 
  4. Check that nothing is blocking You may get a better view of what is getting in the way of the Microsoft office viewer by visiting the link directly. This location is accessed over ports 80 and 443 — you'll need to make sure that your firewall or proxy is not blocking access.