Firefly Health Check

Run the Firefly Health Check to help you identify underlying setup issues. 

The Firefly Health Check runs some tests on your system to make sure your set up is correct. You can then work to fix the underlying problems with your Firefly setup.

You might want to run a health check if emails aren't being sent or if changes in your MIS are not synced to Firefly. You can run it regularly to make sure your system is configured properly, or you can run it when you encounter problems.

Running the Firefly Health Check

To run the Firefly Health Check, you must be logged in as an administrator.

  1. From the dashboard, select the menu next to Switch Dashboard or Edit Page.
  2. Choose Health Check
  3. Select Start health check. The checks might take some time to complete. 
  4. Review the findings of the health check. For a break down on the different categories, see the next section of this page. 

Reviewing the Health Check Summary

The Firefly Health Check is divided in two sections and three categories.

Understanding the sections

The Setup tasks section includes tasks performed during set up that help improve your user's experience. This includes making sure you've selected an update theme, that your URL is friendly, or that you have the mobile apps and dashboard enabled.

The most common error in this section is an issue with the Scheduler. You might have a scheduler issue if notifications or emails aren't being sent. These issues appear as failed jobs. If you have under ten failed jobs, these are probably caused by wrong emails or emails bouncing. If you have large numbers of failed jobs, this might indicate a larger issue with the scheduler. Contact [email protected] for more help in this instance. 

The Technical setup tasks section includes tasks that manage the more technical side of Firefly. These tasks include ensuring internet access, setting up secure HTTP access, and making sure the database schema is up-to-date.

The most common error in this section is from the Cloud Uploader. Errors with the Cloud Uploader occur if your MIS is not syncing properly with Firefly, which might lead to inaccurate timetables and calendars or missing users. To follow up on these errors, contact [email protected] 

Understanding the categories

If a test completed successfully and doesn't need follow up, it shows up in the OK category. These areas of Firefly are set up correctly. 

The Warnings category contains tests that have failed but aren't critical to running Firefly. Fix these errors to improve your users' experience.

The Errors category includes critical errors that should be resolved as soon as possible, because they impede users' ability to utilise Firefly.