Firefly 6

Mobile apps

Experiencing issues with Firefly for Student and/or Firefly for Teachers mobile apps data?

Old data is showing

If the data in your app isn't refreshing, the first step we would recommend would be logging out of the app and logging back into it.

If you're still having problems we would then recommend deleting the app and downloading the latest version from your app store.

If your app is still getting old data, then it's possible that the issue doesn't actually lie with the app but with your Firefly installation, which might be providing the old information. At this point it's best to look into why your site has old data (it could be that the Cloud Uploader has stopped uploading updated data from your MIS).

If there's a discrepancy between the data in your app and in Firefly in your browser, which haven't been able to solve by deleting and reinstalling the app, you should contact  [email protected].