Firefly 6

Lessons not showing

If lessons aren't appearing in a teacher or student's timetable, it's most likely down to the events batch not being uploaded correctly.

Check that the user has groups

The first thing to check is that the user who is missing the lessons belongs to a group. Firefly uses the groups to build the timetable so groups should be seen as a prerequisite to timetables. If the user doesn't have any groups you should read this article.

Check that your timetable is set up in your MIS

If the user has groups appearing on their profile, the next step is to check that the timetable is correctly configured from within your MIS. Refer to your MIS supplier for further information.

Check that your events batch has correctly uploaded

  1. In your brower's address bar, type:
  2. Look for batch type 3:
    • If batch type 3 has been uploaded and your timetables still aren't right, there's a problem with your timetable configuration.
    • If batch type 3 hasn't been uploaded, the problem is likely with your Cloud Uploader. You should check that:
      • the Cloud Uploader is running (scheduled task history is a good place to look)
      • the "all" parameter is being called when the task is run
      • your batches are reaching the Firefly cloud server (you can check this with the tool given above)

Other points

There are a few less frequently problematic factors that can prevent timetables from appearing as you would expect. Keep in mind some of these are specific to a particular MIS, so your MIS won't use all of the terminology here. Despite that, a lot of the principles are the same so it's worth reading over. All MIS-specific keywords are in quotes.

  • Timetable weeks aren't correctly  "week mapped" to calendar weeks in a multiple week timetable
  • Your MIS has the wrong "year" or "dataset" active
  • Your timetable needs to be "projected" or "synced"

If all else fails, feel free to contact Firefly support at  [email protected].