Firefly 6

Users, groups & login

Having issues with users, groups or Firefly login?

Cloud Uploader isn't uploading any user or group information

If no user or group information is reaching Firefly, it's likely a problem with the Cloud Uploader.

Profile pictures aren't updated

In order to increase performance, Firefly cloud sites are cached. This means if profile pictures are changed in your MIS, they won't always change in Firefly.

Profile pictures don't appear in Firefly

All profile pictures in Firefly are uploaded from your MIS by the Firefly Cloud Uploader. You need to ensure that the uploader, your MIS and Firefly are configured correctly.

Students/staff don't appear in Firefly

If staff or students don't appear in Firefly, it's likely down to email addresses not being present or in the correct field.

Students/staff don't appear in their groups in Firefly

If students or staff members aren't appearing in their groups in Firefly, they'll need to be added to their groups within your MIS.