Firefly 6

Profile pictures aren't updated

In order to increase performance, Firefly cloud sites are cached. This means if profile pictures are changed in your MIS, they won't always change in Firefly.

Contact support to clear the cache

If you make a change to the profile pictures in your MIS, you should contact the Firefly Support ream at [email protected] so that they can clear the cached profile pictures to allow the new ones to appear on your site.

Configure the Cloud Uploader

If after contacting support, you're confident the Cloud Uploader is not successfully uploading profile pictures, you can try to configure it.

Before getting started, check that profile pictures are the only data not coming through. Follow these instructions to ensure that the Cloud Uploader is working.

If your profile picture upload has become too large, Firefly might not be able to upload all your pictures in one go. You can configure the uploader to upload images individually rather than bundle all images together all in one large request — this takes significantly longer but increases reliability under certain conditions. To do this:

  1. Open FireflyclouduploaderCFG.config in a text editor.
  2. Change individualProfilePics="no" to individualProfilePics="yes".

Here's an example of this file with this change:

<options pauseOnExit="no" individualProfilePics="yes" maxRequestSize="5000000" cleanLogs="yes"/>			  <host></host>
Still not working? The cause might be specific to an  iSAMS or  Facility Cloud Uploader setup.