Firefly 6

Profile pictures don't appear in Firefly

All profile pictures in Firefly are uploaded from your MIS by the Firefly Cloud Uploader. You need to ensure that the uploader, your MIS and Firefly are configured correctly.

This is different to your profile pictures not updating. If your profile pictures are not changing after being changed in your MIS, see this page.

If administrators can see the the profile pictures but others can't, then the issue lies with your profile picture permissions.

You can set these permissions by going to Control Panel > Advanced > Profile Permissions > Profile Pictures. Ensure that the permissions you expect are configured.

Most MISs store their pictures in their database but for those that don't, there are extra configuration requirements.

If your MIS stores its pictures in your database, it will not be listed below and you will want to contact [email protected] otherwise you can find troubleshooting information by following the links below.