Firefly 6

iSAMS - Profile pictures not appearing

iSAMS serves profile pictures over HTTPS to the Firefly Cloud Uploader, which in turn uploads them to your Firefly site. If your profile pictures aren't displaying it could be that either the link isn't configured correctly in iSAMS or something on your network is blocking the Cloud Uploader's access to the images.

  1. In iSAMS, select Control Panel > Platform configuration.
  2. Check that the External iSAMS address field has the URL for your iSAMS site (not an IP).
  3. If that's configured correctly, you can investigate any network issues that might be causing this problem by visiting the image URL from the machine that is running the Cloud Uploader. To get the URL, run this query on your iSAMS database:

    			WHEN right(txtExternaliSAMSAddress, 1) = '/'
    				THEN substring(txtExternaliSAMSAddress, 0, len(txtExternaliSAMSAddress))
    			ELSE txtExternaliSAMSAddress
    		TbliSAMSManagerSettings) + (SELECT TOP 1 convert(varchar(1024), sp.txtPath)
    	FROM TblStaffManagementPictures sp
    	LEFT JOIN TblStaff s ON sp.intStaff = s.TblStaffID) as URL